Welcome to Servus Venison Haggis

What could be more Scottish than Haggis, or Venison?

Haggis AND Venison!

It all started with a dream.

A dream to produce amazing food, using the freshest and finest ingredients.

Following a move to Scotland, we decided on a product as Scottish as tartan and Bagpipes.

We take the very best Scottish venison offal, add in the finest Scottish grown and milled oatmeal, and put it all together with love and care.

The result is Servus Venison Haggis.

Our haggis is hand crafted from the finest Scottish ingredients. All of the major ingredients are sourced from Scottish suppliers.

The “tops” and other offal come from some of the top Venison producers in the country, including Carmichael estates and Robert Prentice at Downfield Farm. Even the oatmeal is grown and milled in Scotland. For a full, rich, authentic flavour the stock is made using roast venison bones.

The ingredients are processed by hand and quality is checked and double checked at every stage to make sure you only ever receive a perfect haggis.

Each haggis is cooked so all that is required to serve the perfect haggis is an hour in the oven (or three minutes in the microwave, but don’t tell anyone).

Each haggis is individually vacuum packed to improve shelf life and allow for freezing.

We can produce haggis to any size from individual 50g starter servings up to monsters almost a metre long, which make an impressive centre piece for a special meal.

Piped in, addressed in the manner approved by the Scottish Bard, and served hot and steaming with champit tatties and bashed neeps. Add a generous helping of creamy, peaty whisky sauce (and a wee dram of good single malt) and you have a dish that people will talk about for days.

We love talking to people. Please contact us by phone or email. We’re happy to talk about anything (but haggis is definitely our speciality)

Why Venison Haggis?

Or why Venison Haggis might just be the next super food.

Venison is a healthy, low fat, high protein meat. Joanna Blythman, in The Telegraph said about Venison “Low in fat, high in protein, stacked with vitamins and iron. Venison is good for you!”

The meats used in our haggis are the parts which might normally be thrown away, despite their excellent flavour and nutritional value. This is good for the environment, and also respectful to the animals.

As deer graze selectively and will thrive on a much poorer diet than domesticated animals, large areas of land that would otherwise be unusable can be brought in to production.

Deer have largely missed the ravages of domestication and selective breeding, so the meat they produce is ideal for those following “paleo” diets.

Our haggis is a good source of many vitamins, minerals and vital fatty acids. The liver provides a highly absorbable form of iron, as well as Vitamins A, all B vitamins but especially B12, Folate, CoQ10, and trace elements such as copper, zinc and chromium.

Deer are farmed at a much lower density than cattle, sheep, pigs and other domesticated food animals. Not only is this better for the deer, it is better for the environment and better for the end user. Deer are generally very healthy and so the use of antibiotics is unusual, and growth hormones unheard of in Venison production.

All of this adds up to a delicious, healthy and ethical meat that will grace the finest of tables, or the most casual TV dinner.





Quality Control

Here at Servus Haggis we take quality very seriously.

We follow an EHO approved HACCP system to ensure not only that our product is safe, but also that it is the best it can possibly be. Each batch is tested for quality the best way we know how, by eating it. Yes, we like haggis (we eat a lot of it). Each batch is tasted before a single haggis from it is shipped. We think that this helps guarantee that you will be supplied a product that you can count on.

If for any reason we have doubts about a batch, we will not send it out.

If you ever have any complaints about the product please contact us immediately.

All of our raw materials and packaging are traceable to the supplier using the batch number on the packaging. If you have a complaint please quote the batch number to allow us to track it properly.

Our Meat

All of our venison offal comes from Scottish deer. Most of it is from farmed Red Deer (Cervus Elaphus) but we may from time to time use wild offal, and offal from different deer species, according to availability. We use what is seasonably available to ensure the best quality for our products.


We love feedback. If you have any comments, requests or just want a bit of extra advice, please contact us using the Contact Page, or using the contact details below. Hey, we’ll even reply to good old snail mail if you prefer that!

email: matt@servushaggis.scot

phone/text: 07881656814



Braehead Mains, Main Street, Braehead, Forth, ML11 8HA


Material sourcing

Wherever possible we will source ingredients that are Scottish in origin and processing. All of our oatmeal is grown and milled in Scotland, and all of the offal used comes from Scotland. Some of the other ingredients might be sourced from elsewhere if we simply can’t source them from Scotland (I’ve not found anyone growing paprika in Scotland yet).